Starace Total Balance has been a lifesaver for our family. After 2 strokes mom couldn't get the kind of PT that addressed the neurologic issues she was left with. These are the very issues that Starace Total Balance specializes in. Within a week we saw major improvements in functioning and as her clarity and balance have improved my 80-year-old mother now rides her trike 8 miles and has joined a gym!
At Starace Total Balance you get hands-on, individual care designed to address your specific issues, as well as empowerment & encouragement for maintenance and self-care, all in a calm, relaxing environment with caring, reliable staff. If you want to see improvement, give Starace Total Balance a call!  LONNIE M.

GREAT PLACE FOR ONE ON ONE PHYSICAL THERAPY! You are not just a number like some big box therapy centers. Dr. Mike really knows his stuff. I'm recovering from an acoustic neuroma in right middle ear which created big balance problems. I've made lots more progress here than in several months at a big box place. They are terrific to work with. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Elaine T.

There aren't enough stars to adequately express how thankful I am for finding Dr. Michael Starache. I have only been here a patient for the past month yet there is a remarkable improvement in how I feel and what I can now do. After a diagnosis of cervical stenosis, chronic pain, and ulnar neuropathy I am on the way to getting my life back to as close to normal as I can. I actually sat down and played my piano with close to perfection as I could since the diagnosis. The feeling in my hand and fingers is coming back and my neck and head pain have lessened. Thank you!  

 Michael D.

Total Balance worked with me to get me back to recovery for over 5 months. Loved the one on one care and was able to recover faster than anticipated. Highly recommend! Alex C

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