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Our Mission

One-On-One Approach To Physical Therapy

Here at Starace Total Balance Physical Therapy, we get it. People are fed up with their healthcare providers rushing through appointments and barely giving them a chance to speak up about what's bothering them. They're like, "I couldn't even get a word in before they were off to the next person." And you know what? It's not just happening at regular clinics; most physical therapy places are guilty of the same.

But we're flipping the script. At Starace Total Balance Physical Therapy, we're breaking away from the norm. We're not about packing in multiple patients at once or throwing in random unlicensed staff for patient care. Our focus is on you, one-on-one. And let me tell you, that personal touch makes a real difference in how you experience your time with us.

 Dr. Mike Starace Founder  

Meet Dr. Mike Starace, an accomplished professional in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy, hailing originally from Sayville, New York. With a distinguished education from Touro College of New York and over a decade of experience leading the Neurological Unit at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital, Dr. Starace brings unparalleled expertise to his practice.


Driven by love, Dr. Starace relocated to Palm Coast, Florida, where he and his wife thrive in an environment rich with outdoor adventures. Outside of his clinical work, Dr. Starace immerses himself in an active lifestyle, enjoying pursuits like kickboxing, mountain biking, motorcycle racing, surfing, and exploring underwater wonders.


With a passion for wellness and a commitment to excellence, Dr. Starace is dedicated to helping his patients achieve total balance in their physical health.



                                    Meet Kim Arevalo


Introducing Kim, a passionate individual hailing from the Philippines. With a robust background as a personal fitness instructor, Kim transitioned seamlessly into the role of a physical therapist assistant, driven by a desire to enhance patient care. Armed with five years of invaluable experience, Kim is now poised to elevate his career by pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy.


What sets Kim apart is not just his dedication to professional growth but also his commitment to community service. As a coach for Special Olympics basketball, Kim embodies the values of teamwork and inclusivity. His active lifestyle, which includes regular workouts and a love for exploring new cuisines, reflects his holistic approach to health and well-being.


Kim's journey is not just about personal achievement but also about making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. With his blend of expertise, compassion, and dedication, Kim is ready to take on new challenges and contribute significantly to the field of physical therapy.



                              Meet Sven Riebensahm 

Meet Sven, a vibrant professional with a deep-rooted German heritage and extensive experience spanning over 15 years in physical therapy assistance. Beyond his stellar career, Sven has embraced diverse roles like smoke jumping, showcasing his versatility and unique skill set.


In his personal life, Sven values family time and global exploration, indulging in activities like jiu-jitsu for fitness and mental well-being, boating adventures, and managing a successful tinting business. He also has a passion for savoring good food and rocking out to music, adding a touch of excitement to his life.


With his rich background, commitment to excellence, and zest for life, Sven is a valuable asset to any team or project, bringing a blend of skills and enthusiasm that elevate every endeavor.



                              Meet Gwen Beaverson

Introducing Gwen, a seasoned office manager with over twenty years of proven expertise. Originally from Cherry Hill, NJ, Gwen's decision to relocate to Palm Coast was driven by her strong desire to strengthen family bonds, especially with her daughter.


Gwen's extensive experience in office management has equipped her with a wealth of organizational expertise and exemplary leadership qualities. Her commitment to delivering top-notch results is evident in her ongoing support for her former team in Marlton, showcasing her strong work ethic and collaborative approach.


Beyond her professional achievements, Gwen finds joy in spending quality time with her family and taking leisurely walks along the sandy beach with her beloved dog Joisey girl pix. Her passion for shopping also adds a vibrant dimension to her life.



                              Meet Omayra Starace​ Co-founder

Meet Omayra Starace, a dynamic professional with a remarkable journey from Puerto Rico to a successful career at Xcel Media Group. As a trilingual Account Executive, Omayra is renowned for her exceptional client retention skills, earning her the prestigious award for outstanding performance within the company.


Beyond her corporate success, Omayra is also a co-founder of Starace Total Balance Physical Therapy, showcasing her passion for holistic wellness. As a devoted mother of two daughters, she shares a love for thrilling adventures such as kickboxing, mountain biking, hiking, scuba diving, and traveling the world with her husband. Omayra's enthusiasm for life and unwavering dedication to excellence make her an invaluable asset in both her professional and personal pursuits.

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